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How to add rss feed to blog

  • Friday
  • Andy Law
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  • RSS Feed has become so popular because of its usefulness. It ties bloggers and their readers together as it updates the latest posts from a paticular blog and bring it to the blog's readers. For a normal readers, they just need to get the updates and read it themselves. On the other hand, for bloggers like as you and I, we can also use RSS Feed as a secret weapon to attract our readers by updating the latest interesting information from elsewher. If you just need to know how to add an RSS Feed icon to your blogger, you can see How to add Rss Feed icon to blog. Today, I will show you how to add RSS Feed to blog. Just follow the instruction below:
    1.  You're in, go to Layout >> Add a Gadget (a pop-up window will open)
    2. Scroll down until you see Feed >> Select Feed
    3. Add RSS Feed URL from your favorite blog (to get the URL, go to your target blog, click on the Feed icon, then copy the URL from your browser address bar)
    4. Click Continue >> SAVE

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