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Add floating share buttons

  • Wednesday
  • Andy Law
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    1. Go to Design > Page Elements.
    2. Click Add A Gadget.
    3. In Add A Gadget window, select HTML/Javascript .
    4. Copy the code below and paste it inside the content box. 
    5.  <style> #pageshare {position:fixed; bottom:15%; margin-left:-71px; float:left; border-radius:5px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px;background-color:#fff;padding:0 0 2px 0;z-index:10;} #pageshare .sbutton {float:left;clear:both;margin:5px 5px 0 5px;} .fb_share_count_top {width:48px !important;} .fb_share_count_top, .fb_share_count_inner {-moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;} .FBConnectButton_Small, .FBConnectButton_RTL_Small {width:49px !important; -moz-border-radius:3px;/*bs-fsmsb*/-webkit-border-radius:3px;} .FBConnectButton_Small .FBConnectButton_Text {padding:2px 2px 3px !important;-moz-border-radius:3px;-webkit-border-radius:3px;font-size:8px;} </style> <div id="pageshare" title="Get this gadget"> <div class="sbutton" id="fb"> <a href="" name="fb_share" type="box_count">Share</a><script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> </div> <div class="sbutton" id="rt"> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> </div> <div class="sbutton" id="su"> <script src=""> </script> </div> <div class="sbutton" id="digg" style="margin-left: 3px; width: 48px;"> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> <a class="DiggThisButton DiggMedium" href=""></a> </div> <div class="sbutton" id="gb"> <a class="google-buzz-button" data-button-style="normal-count" href="" title="post on google buzz"> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> </a></div> <div class="sbutton" id="gplusone"> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> <g:plusone size="tall"></g:plusone> </div> <div style="clear: both; font-size: 9px; text-align: center;"> Get <a href="">widget</a></div> </div> 
    6. To add/remove any buttons, add/remove the following codes
      <div class="sbutton"> 
      ....insert BUTTON CODE here.... 

    6 Responses to “Add floating share buttons”

    pasindu said...
    22 December 2011 at 22:11

    nice & useful post.thnx for sharing bro.check this also it will be useful.

    how to add any share button you want to this widget

    Santorina said...
    25 February 2012 at 03:14

    Will uses this on my blog at
    Thanks for sharing it!

    Brittany M. Jones said...
    22 June 2012 at 16:09

    your so helpful thank you. Check out my blog

    Yuliayen said...
    24 June 2012 at 03:44

    useful post. thankyou

    Ms. Coco Queen said...
    17 September 2012 at 08:27

    your blog is very helpful ! great job....but help me as to how can i edit the margins as the plugins are coming in the middle of my blog and not the sides. my blog

    Tara said...
    25 December 2012 at 10:40

    I'm not able to find where to add HTML. It only says "Enter the URL for a gadget that you want to add to your blog" when I try to add my own gadget. Has it changed since this article?


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